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As your Realtor these are some of the things I will provide to you as a buyer:

•    Buyer Interview…it is important for us to sit down to go over some things before we get started looking at homes.  I will want to ask lots of questions so that I can discover what you are looking for in a home and to go over the buying process.  Some of this can be done on the phone and by email, as we go etc.  
•    Explain Agency…I will go over the Working with a Realtor Brochure and will explain the agency relationships that are possible.
•    Auto email service…once I know what you are looking for, if you would like an automatic email service I will set one up that will send you all the new listings with the features, locations and price ranges that suit you
•    Review the home buying process… explain MLS, the home viewing process, the offering process including details on the contracts, subject clauses and right through to signing at the lawyers, to receiving the keys to your new home
•    Explain terms…if there is any Real Estate jargon that you would like clarified please let me know
•    First time buyer programs… there are several programs including the Property Transfer Tax Exemption for qualifying first time buyers, the Home Buyer Tax Credit, the Home Buyer RSP Plan.  There are also links to these programs on my web site  
•    Assist with and help explain financing…if you have not already selected a mortgage specialist/broker I am happy to recommend one that fits your profile and that of the property type(s) you are targeting.  It is important that you get a full mortgage prequalification before we start looking at homes.  Financing for new construction and for rural homes on larger acreage is very different than for a pre-owned home in town
•    New Home Construction and Strata…if you decide to look at new homes including homes built within the past 10 years I will explain the various New Home Warranty programs.  On brand new home GST may be applicable and there are some first time buyer incentives on new homes.  If we look at strata I will explain the differences with strata, the fees and will arrange to get all of the  documentation for any strata development you are seriously considering
•    Confirm and review the closing costs…there will be several closing costs associated with the purchase of any Real Estate.  Normally your mortgage specialist will give you an estimate based on the purchase price and other factors.  When you decide to place an offer I am happy to review and confirm these costs with you.
•    Arrange for home Inspector… I always advise buyers to make their offer “subject to” a professional home inspection
•    Home Insurance… most people want to get home insurance to secure their investment – if you are getting a mortgage the finance company will require it.  In today’s real estate market the of securing insurance can sometimes be daunting.  I will help you through the process, explain some of the challenges, and smooth out any wrinkles
•    Property taxes…explain the annual municipal or regional district property taxes, adjustments and the Home Owner Grant program
•    Tenant occupied properties…I am experience with dealing with tenant occupied properties and will help you avoid any pitfalls and will explain the various laws under the Residential Tenancy Act
•    Discover the area….I will help you to discover the area and all it has to offer.  As we work together I will do my best to tell you everything I know about the local area, including  schools, services, the performing arts, sports and recreational opportunities, the local economic drivers, resources etc.
•    Help to educate you on the local market…as we start looking at homes, not only will I tell you everything I know about the homes we view (the good and the bad), I will tell you about the specific neighbourhood features, and I will review things like sewer and water systems, easements and the like.  Having been a Realtor here for 20 years I have seen and sold many of the homes that we will be viewing.  In addition, I will help you to understand local market trends, and will be able to help you evaluate the market value of specific properties.  I can tell you about other similar homes that have sold and can send you an email link to the sold listings so you can review them in detail.  I can also look up information on any home you are considering including the assessed value, appraised value if available, and I can check the previous sales history.
•    Show you homes…I will be able to show you and help you with any properties listed on MLS.  It is a cooperative system whereby your Realtor can show you everything you want to see.  Sometimes I may also know of homes that are coming up that I may be able to show you before they hit the market.  I can usually arrange to also show you any privately listed homes and I will check to see if any previously expired listings might still be available to view.
•    Write the offer…once we find a home that you like , one you would like to buy, I will write up and offer for you.  This is done in writing on the standard BC Real Estate Association lawyer approved forms. If you would like I can email you blank copies or a sample offer for your review. The offer will include an offered amount, deposit, included items, dates for Completion, Possession and Adjustments, included items, subject clauses (e.g. subject to financing), deadline for acceptance and a Property Disclosure Statement from the Seller.  In the event of competing offers I will explain the various scenarios
•    Negotiate the offer…negotiation is partly art and partly science.  I feel my years of experience can be an advantage in helping you to secure the property you decide to buy for the right price.  Sometimes there are several counter offers and sometimes the original offer is accepted.  The specific negotiating strategy will depend on the situation, whether there are multiple offers, and what you are comfortable with
•    Acceptance and subject removals…once your offer is accepted the next step is for me to make sure that any arrangements necessary to satisfy your subject clauses are made and that you are ready to sign off your subject clauses on time.  If you like I will send the papers to your banker so they can proceed with approving the financing
•    Conveyancing…once you have signed off all of your subject clauses then you will have an unconditional contract.  I can help you select a lawyer or notary that can convey the title and register the mortgage in your names through the Land Title Office
•    Provide you a checklist… there are things to do before and after you move in such as service connections, change of address etc.
•    Deliver you the keys to your new home  ( :

Buying your first home is an exciting adventure that should also be fun.  At the same time, it is often the biggest investment that a person ever makes.  While I think we will have lots of fun discovering homes and the Smithers area, I also take helping you find the right home for the right price very seriously!


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